The Dark Aspects of Paracosms

Often, magic creates a change or shift in the external world of consensus reality. As a symbol, magic evokes concepts of power and manipulation, the technological trickery through spells and wands to enact certain physical manifestations that would not have been procured otherwise.  But perhaps enchantment is another perspective on the same subject, one that anticipates a relational force that creates a novel vision or world into which one can step, wandering and wondering in something alluring, enchanting, magical.

The emergence of imagination in deep psyche bursts into a plethora of conscious forms: the underworldly power offers an imaginal entryway into a sacred depths, where imagination and will are enjoined as an entryway into the archetypal and mythic depths. This tensional aspect of the magician’s realm, between control and enchantment, remains a constant struggle on the dark road to power. The stability of this long narrative is born as the paracosms of psychic imagination, as Will and Imagination together structuring reality in multivalent composites of historical significance, in harmony or discord, fluctuating between psychic balance or violent extremism.

The history of relationships is to forge common bonds for structures relative to one another in a differentiation of realty (the lives of Nietzsche, Crowley, Jung, Hitler, Tolkien, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Voegelin, for instance). In these cases, natural intelligence evolves together, relating as life (self-similar across scale), in which the rate of time, as a coevolution of species, experiences acceleration.



When trauma affects energy level, the vibrational interaction of energy waves and frequencies of atoms, impacts the vibration of cellular DNA, so that the energy frequency of trauma, i.e. Slavery, is negative energy wave. That is, slavery reiterates the psychological forces that impede love. The resulting lack of community unity inhibits relational ties, so that physical interactions are colored with with emotional ties that dissolve in the face of negative perception. Racial, sexual, intellectual, biological, etc. prejudice in turn perpetuates trauma, institutionalized in the commodified and rearranged energy relations that are redirected towards maintaining exploitative relations. “Skin whitening cream” for those “dark” “others.” “Colorist” ideals impact reality through socio-economic and political-religious relations–welfare camps for impoverished individuals at the “bottom” of the spectrum of beauty, power, truth.

Consciousness, like Race, is similarly a magical spectrum, known visually, mentally, auditorally. It is a state of mind, like beauty; an emotional-intellectual state translated into physical capacity. Therefore our consciousness of history must be in Real Terms, so we can learn the history of trauma and cultural resilience; so we can know about the values, and principles of community that maintain humanity in the face of slavery.

Beauty is an attracting resonance; each cell has a unique function: be who you are, for to acknowledge experience reveals our contributing role in a community of life; children need to be taught from birth that they are loved, and beautiful, so their words and actions derive from a deep emotional bonding, a source from which we can exclaim to the world: I am the keeper of own soul and the spirit of who I am, for if we don’t cherish it, who else will? In this way we can begin to become Self-aware of the responsibility of knowledge as we unload our baggage into world, turning to the divine eternal.


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