The Nature of Revelation: when perception is reconstituted by reality

By limiting one’s perception of reality to a specific, manageable event that is completely controlled, the lack of experience results in a complete denial of existence–this is the only reality. This initial preconception is an illusion perpetuated by those forces controlling the event that, when altered, shifts the understanding of by allowing potentialities to come into existence.

Thus archetypes, universal representations after which similar things are patterned, structure the conscious belief systems of individuals, altering the molecular and chemical processes that control behavior and ultimately, identity. As TRUE NATURE is revealed over the course of living in a given reality, perception is made more and more aware, so that illusions are understood to be merely limited realities, implying a certain degree of perceptual ignorance.

When perception approaches awareness, illusions fall away leaving only the true nature of reality.


Illness is characterized by disease, so that Health is maintained by maintaining a beneficial connection with the inherent power of the other, with whose relationship remains a singularity. Nature’s intelligence says only one thing: connection is life! Isolation is death.


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