Entheogens and Non-ordinary Realities

The therapeutic, transformative, and evolutionary potential of “cosmic” states of consciousness, induced through techniques like Holotropic Breathwork (administrating mind-altering substances like LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, and other entheogens; faster breathing; evocative music; energy releasing bodywork…) has real potential for aiding people undergoing psychospiritual crises and emergencies so that participants can transcend the narrow boundaries of the ego to experientially identify with creation and the creative principle itself.

Native cultures often ingest psychedelic plants like peyote, ayahuasca, and magic mushrooms as part of their various spiritual disciplines, yet the limits of the materialistic paradigm of Western science related to psychological and psychiatric theories exposes the necessity of a critical conceptual challenge and radical revision in which the deterministic material sciences to undermine a simplistic, incomplete model and re-enchant our perception of reality. This allows for the expression of self-healing attempts in which entheogens are used “to activate, rather than suppress, psychotic symptons, dramatic improvements achieved by a method resembling exorcism, and therapeutic breakthroughs featuring psychodynamic mechanisms that would not make any sense to traditional psychiatrists.” (See Stan Grof, When the Impossible Happens)

As the psyche produces an array of fractal images that can lead to greater awareness and a sense of transcendence to a higher or deeper Self, the Divine reveals itself as a gateway to the collective unconscious and the ontologically real archtypal visions that transcend both psyche and the material world as autonomous patterns of meaning that inform the inner and outer, bridging the void between matter and consciousness.

Cosmobiological research then can identify systematic correlations between the nature and content of non-ordinary states of consciousness and planetary transits of individuals: the phenomenological analysis of planetary transits and global aspects provides convincing evidence for a deep, meaningful order that underlies creation, as well as a superior cosmic intelligence that engenders it.

Mobilizing this deep inner intelligence guides the process of healing and transformation, developing one’s spiritual intelligence to reflect a deep philosophical and metaphysical understanding of reality and ourselves.

“Experiences of cosmic unity and one’s own divinity result in increasing identification with all of creation and bring the sense of wonder, love, compassion, and inner peace. What begins as psychological probing of the unconscious psyche conducted for therapeutic purposes automatically becomes a philosophical quest for the meaning of life and a journey of spiritual discovery.” (352)

As planetary citizens, a transformation such as this may allow the sustainable development of our species if facilitated on a sufficiently large scale–so that the potential for a mystical experience as outlined above should take its place as the natural birthright of all human beings in their search for a power which can enlarge the capacity of the imagination and bring about change in society.


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