Insurrectionary EcoMagic

We are all magicians.

In a time of terror and ecological uncertainty, we each have the opportunity to relate our own particular techniques to one another, working together to effect new paradigms of public perception, environmental insight, and elemental resonance so as to transcend the outdated and destructive modes of an incomplete understanding.

The primary community is beyond even human culture—rather, it is the Earth. Our awareness of the immediate relationship between self and this larger community of life allows for the intimacy of each present moment, helping us institute deep forms of magical expression that enhance the viability of the planet’s living systems and processes.

Within each of us is the energy of the universe, emerging from a combination of stardust and the cosmological powers of a manifested reality. As we become cognizant of the theoretic foundations and philosophic implications of the physical structures of reality, time, and mind, as well as the creative and responsive behaviors and foundational energies comprising and directing these physical systems, we can align ourselves with a level of intelligence that supersedes the empirical design capacity of human wisdom, to facilitate new expressions that reflect the power of a renovated intent.

One can see then why the philosophical mantra “know thyself” is of such import with respect to an ongoing reality, where knowledge irrupts historically to impact our understanding of the world and ourselves alike. Relating philosophically to history thus implies a realization that choices are formed in perpetual negotiation with external forces, with freedom being measured by the extent to which we can control these forces, which would otherwise control us.

This interdependence between self-knowledge and freedom enables potentially autonomous agents to communicate truly revolutionary ontologies through perception warfare, contemporary spirituality, and the active liberation of ecosystems from oppression and violence. Indeed we must become appreciative of our own power to enact difference, using the fields of energy and general creativity afforded to us as legitimate weapons in the war for life, rather than revert to the ignorant, external power structures that would have us believe we are not ourselves the Authors of creation.


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